The role of the first technical interview 

The main role of interviews is to assess skills and determine if personal goals align with the company’s goals. 

Interviews are critical, yet they are time-consuming, expensive, and emotionally taxing for the team. 

Out of the interviews needed to hire someone, none is more taxing than the first technical interview: Engineer leaders report doing up to 30 first technical interviews per open role, and this number goes higher for the top-performing engineering teams. 

The first technical interview aims to filter out candidates who will be unable to meet the bar for the rest of the process. While other interviews validate, double-check, and open second chances to great candidates, the first interview hand-selects the few candidates who will benefit most from going through the entire interviewing process. 

This is an important insight worth highlighting: your first technical interview differs fundamentally from the rest. The goal here is to filter, and this makes it ideal for getting some outside expert help. 

On top of the cost and the time sink, there are simply not enough experienced interviewers to do a good and timely job, especially on the first technical interview, where most of the interview volume takes place. Talent and Technical leaders agree that very few people actually know how to conduct a technical interview. 

Matilda added a first technical interview to fulfill this need. With Matilda technical interviews, companies have a much higher hit rate on the candidates they find, reducing the number of interviews they need to make, shortening the interview process, and beating competing companies but getting to the finish line faster. 

Matilda's first technical interview is offered on our Monthly Risk Assurance + Tech plan, where companies don’t pay for any interview, and they only pay a success rate which is at risk for ten months. The first technical interview is also available as an Add-on to any other plan.

When we interview engineers for you, we pass along the interview results, with scores for all the key elements assessed. With our interviews, Matilda customer companies achieve between 50-70% hit-rate on the people we introduce. 

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