One solution for all your recruiting needs

We source, evaluate, and recruit top talent for your company

Latin American Engineers and Silicon Valley companies collaborating in the same time zone
Full-Time only commitment
We connect long term thinkers & company builders

High Quality Candidates That Uniquely Fit Your Company

We get top talent in front of you, fast: we introduce you to technically evaluated candidates within two weeks of a job opening.

Consistent feedback loops directly with our delivery team ensure we zero in on the right talent.

We have a large community of talent in LatAm, but can also help with Canada and U.S. talent.

And you’ll only receive candidates within the time zone(s) you specify.

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Only interview high quality candidates

High Standard Technical Evaluations

We have a global network of top engineers, data scientists, designers, and others running interviews on any candidate you want. We are your first interview.

Our test results are shared with you, so your interviewing time can be best utilized.

With Matilda, your team can maintain their day-to-day focus. We help reduce “time waste” by coordinating interviews with a high probability of success.

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Hire Top talent
Thoughtful matches
We are expert coordinators

Efficient recruiting process

We are pros at communications, scheduling and making sure the recruiting process is run efficiently.

We have the tools, the expertise, and talent pool to save you hours of additional work a week.

We put a lot of attention into making the right matches. As a result we have an average churn rate of 1% after 12 months of placement

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Why companies big and small work with Matilda


Enterprise ML startup (Series B)

With Matilda, we replaced a team of 12 data engineers, ML engineers, and backend engineers, all spread across Europe, with rock-solid team members based in Latam. We even promoted one of them to be the lead engineer of our entire company.

HR director

B2C Fintech company (Publicly traded)

Matilda candidates have an 82% higher interview-to-offer ratio than any other firm we work with. Many little details add up to this, but the main reason for this disparity is that Matilda does not work with freelancers. Their focus is on team members who have the skills and are deeply motivated by our mission.


Food Ecommerce startup (Seed)

As a non-technical founder, we relied on Matilda to help us build our engineering team. We are still early, but one year in, we have built an incredible team with zero churn. Matilda is our recruiting team and technical evaluators, all in one.

Head of engineering

Crypto remittances company (Series A)

Matilda helped us hire three Rust engineers with deep crypto experience within two months. Our payment plan had Matilda’s fees at risk for ten months, so we felt aligned in our search for long-term team members.

The 1% Churn Advantage

Rigorous sourcing, technical assessments and matching, combined with remote work delivers 1% churn over 12 months.
By connecting top talent with amazing companies across the Americas, we enable the best companies to work with the best engineers in the region.

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